Explore what a bank does and the careers in finance activity

Careers in finance activity Careers in finance activity Careers in finance activity Careers in finance activity

This online lesson film explains what a bank does and types of roles involved in financial services. It explores a range of services which banks can offer and how different services could suit different people based on their situation and needs. Your students will also learn certain terminology used in the industry, the wide range of jobs involved within banking and the core transferable skills used, as well as required qualifications and routes to employment in finance.

Use this video in the classroom to help give students some real insight into the world of work, or if working with students 14 or older you can assign it remotely by sharing this link. Please note that students below the age of 14 cannot sign up for their own LifeSkills account.

Students can watch the film as a short activity, or you might like to take learning further using the below reflection questions and discussion prompts.

0:00–3:03 – Key banking terms

Ask the students the following true/false questions.

  1. Interest always means the amount charged for borrowing money
  2. ISA stands for Individual stocks account
  3. Money spent on a credit card is money you don’t actually own and must pay back

Answers, in order: False (it can be added to savings) , False (Individual Saving Account), True.

3:04–5:28 – Comparing banking products

  1. What is a business loan?
  2. What is the type of borrowing called when buying a house?
  3. What is a direct debit?

Answers, in order: a business loan is a substantial loan to help you finance a business, a mortgage, a form of regular payment based on the agreement that someone (usually a company) will withdraw money from your bank account.

5:28–7:06: Roles in financial services

  1. Were you surprised to find out any of the highlighted roles are done in a bank? Why?
  2. What ways could a Marketing team use to promote a bank?
  3. What does HR stand for, and what skills might it be useful for someone working in HR to have?

7:07– Skills for jobs in financial services or a bank

  1. Name as many of the eight core transferable skills described in the final section of the film as possible, and give an example of how one of these skills would be used within financial services?
  2. How could the skill of adaptability be used within financial services or another industry?. (You could repeat this with other skills for additional learning.)
  3. What are three of the pathways into a role at a financial services institution or bank?

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