Challenge your students to think creatively to solve real-world problems.

Enterprise project challenge Enterprise project challenge Enterprise project challenge Enterprise project challenge

Our Enterprise project challenge helps students to solve a brief set by entrepreneurs related to real businesses and to develop core transferable skills such as problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and listening and speaking (communication) while doing so.

We recommend if knowledge around technological innovation and sustainability in business is needed that students are first taught these topics through our short lesson plans before attempting the project challenge as they provide helpful knowledge on themes which ladder up to the challenge. Resources are designed to be flexible, and each session is based on fitting into a 25-minute session to be tailored to your objectives, curriculum and timetable.

For the Enterprise project challenge, we have suggested 5 sessions for delivery, however, this can flex to suit your needs. For example, you could spend longer on sessions, combine sessions, or set some activities for your students to complete outside of lesson time.

You could also use the resources to support a drop-down day, your own school Enterprise week or to tie into annual milestones like Global Enterprise Week or National Careers Week.

 How the Enterprise challenge works

  1. Kick off the programme by playing your students the Enterprise challenge film case studies. (4 mins approx each)
  2. Student teams select one of the challenges set by the founders.
  3. They complete their challenge response by progressing through activities in the workbook to select and develop an idea.
  4. Once complete, students have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and there is a short follow up film where they will hear back from the founders.

Teaching resources:

  • Enterprise project challenge – teacher guide and presentation slides–guide for teachers to use with a group of students across multiple sessions.
  • Enterprise project challenge – team workbook – workbooks for student teams to use throughout the challenge which guides them through the different stages of an entrepreneur journey.
  • Enterprise challenge films – Real entrepreneurs talking about their business and setting their challenge for student teams.


Ride Tandem film 1

Dexory film 1

Ride Tandem film 2

Dexory film 2

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