Racial equality film and activity

Racial equality film activity Racial equality film activity Racial equality film activity Racial equality film activity

Help young people develop their understanding of diversity and its value to the workforce by watching our online lesson film. It explores racial equality at work, with a particular focus on Black employees and the Black Lives Matter Movement which was brought back into focus in 2020.

The film talks through practical actions and behaviours which we can all adopt to encourage the growth of an inclusive society, champion equality and facilitate open conversations about diversity and inclusion when applying for jobs.

You can either use the film on its own as a quick activity, or take learning further by asking your group to reflect on the specific topics which get discussed.


As a starting point, you may want to play the following sections of the film, before using the questions listed below to test students’ understanding and listening skills:

Why is diversity important to an organisation?

Between 0:42 - 2:05 minutes 

  • What different attributes do we associate with diversity?
  • What are three benefits that diversity can bring to a business?
  • True or false? “Diversity is proven to create, happier, more productive workforces but not to improve performance”

Black Lives Matter movement

Between 3:20 - 5:11 minutes

  • What year did the Black Lives Matter Movement begin?
  • What are some of the main mission statements of the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • True or false? “Black male graduates are being payed 17% less than their white counterparts over a year”


Between 6:34 - 7:24 minutes

  • What is a micro-aggression?
  • What are three examples of micro-aggressions?
  • What impacts can micro-aggressions have on employees?

Changing behaviours

Between 7.25 - 8.37 minutes 

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • How can unconscious bias have an impact on us at work?


Between 8.37-9.25 minutes

  • What is a micro-affirmation?
  • How can micro-affirmations help counteract bias?
  • What are three examples of micro-affirmations?

Become a diversity champion

At 11.32 minutes

  • What are the benefits of championing diversity?
  • What are three ways to become a diversity champion?


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