Dealing with pressure

Dealing with pressure Dealing with pressure Dealing with pressure Dealing with pressure

Just like our physical health, mental wellbeing is something everyone should be aware of and look after. Changes to our mental wellbeing can often flare up when we're feeling under pressure.

Whether you’re at school, looking towards university, or starting your first job, which could be in an office, factory, warehouse, coffee shop, or hospital, pressures can affect anyone at anytime, anywhere. Given the daily demands of preparing for exams, university applications, work deadlines, and always-on technology, it’s no surprise that stress can take its toll on your mind and body.

A struggle with pressure can be both a cause and an outcome of conditions like anxiety and depression. Did you know that mental health problems cost the UK economy at least £117.9 billion? Figures show, so it’s important to consider a variety of techniques and ways you can practice looking after yourself.

How can I cope with pressure?

To help get you thinking about how you can cope with pressure, listen to Luke’s story where he is experiencing exam pressure while at school, you can also use the worksheet to help you jot down ideas and build your own action plan. You will get to consider the practical choices that you can make in your own life.


Tips to deal with pressure

Here are some popular tips to deal with pressure, by mastering techniques now will help to keep your mental health in a good place which will be useful for when you step into your first job.  Of course, everyone will have their own way and could be impacted at very different points in their lives.

  1. Be kinder to yourself - it can be easy to be overly critical of yourself, or your work, but it’s likely you’re being harder on yourself than you deserve.
  2. Tackle the triggers that cause you pressure - some small degree of stress can be a healthy part of life - helping you take control, secure results or feel more energised – it can become a problem if it starts to overwhelm you. The first step is to work out what is triggering your pressure, you can then prepare to manage your response.
  3. Speaking to others who can offer support and guidance - if you find you’re starting to struggle with pressure, ask for help. Teachers and employers want their student/workforce to succeed so be open with them. 
  4. Look after yourself - this could be about making sure you take regular breaks and short walks to getting a good night’s sleep and eating well.

Explore other ways to help with challenge and pressure by having a go at the stress bucket challenge to help identify what is causing pressure.