Practise managing workplace challenges

Practise managing workplace challenges Practise managing workplace challenges Practise managing workplace challenges Practise managing workplace challenges

There are a variety of industries that are fast-paced, rewarding, and exciting, and these include the creative, education, and banking sectors. These workplace practice activities will help you gain insight into the kind of skills the roles of a graphic designer, primary school teacher, and banker may require through a virtual work experience project.

The Practice managing workplace challenges workbook contains practice tasks similar to ones you would be likely to complete on a work experience placement, so you can get a feel for the kind of tasks you might be set in these roles. Each brief takes between 1-3 hours to complete, and you can use the interactive fields to type out your ideas, including the research you need, and then consider how you will present it to persuade others to take your idea forward.

How will these activities prepare you for the future workplace?

Practicing answering briefs can help you develop core transferable skills that are essential in the workplace. In the downloadable workbook, you’ll choose from three projects across different industries that highlight transferable skills. This enables you to practice the skills you already have and work on the ones you want to develop by working through each task in as much detail as possible.


Choose from the below work experience briefs:

  • Create an activity for a primary school class: Create a classroom activity and presentation to help students in a second-year class understand and confidently use phonics as a tool for reading and spelling
  • Design a logo, poster, and advert for a new product: Design a logo, poster and advertisement for a new reusable water bottle that will encourage people aged 16–30 to purchase it and reduce their use of single-use plastics
  • Using innovation to improve accessibility: Develop ideas to help people with disabilities with banking

The practice meeting challenges guidance tips document contains examples of how each element of the workbook could be completed to meet the briefs and can be downloaded if you need some inspiration or are stuck for ideas. Remember, though, that these are just some of the ways they can be done, so try and think creatively to come up with your own ideas.

You can also hear from young people in different job roles, including a teacher and graphic designer, to find out how they got into their role, their day-to-day tasks, and some of the challenges and opportunities they encounter by watching the BBC Bitesize career films here.

When you’ve completed your task, you can either try another one or click here to find more ideas on how to gain access to free virtual work experience opportunities.