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The journey to your career lesson


Students could wait until they finish school before they start thinking about how to begin their career journey, but they are more likely to be successful if they start doing some planning now, even if it feels like a long way off. From finding out about different job roles to talking to people in related careers, there are many steps they can take to start planning the journey to a successful career.

The activities on this page support you in helping your students consider the steps they need to take to ensure a smooth transition into employment through a quick fire activity or a full length, curriculum-linked lesson plan.

Teaching resources:

  • The journey to your career: Lesson plan and presentation slides – full lesson plan including icebreaker for use with a group of students in the classroom
  • Let’s talk careers: Quick-fire activity – 10 minute activity for a group of students in the classroom, can be used as an icebreaker for the lesson plan

Lesson plan

(30-40 minutes)

This lesson is designed to help young people make a successful transition into employment. Students will start planning their journey to a career and discuss where they can access information about careers.

How can this lesson help students successfully transition into employment?

It concentrates on helping young people recognise the main stages of employment, and understand that everyone’s plan will look a little different. The lesson plan gets them to think about the choices they need to consider, places they can go, people they can talk to and actions they can take in order to embark on the journey to a successful career of their choice.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  • Recognise the main stages of transition into employment
  • Understand the key decisions to make at each stage, and list the people, places and things that can help
  • Apply these to their own countdown to entering employment

Quick-fire activity

(10-25 minutes)

The Let’s talk careers quick-fire activity focuses on helping students generate discussions with their peers about the skills, knowledge and experience that can help them reach their career goals. It features a template for a career-themed ‘chatterbox’, discussion questions and links to related questions which can be used to extend the lesson and further students’ learning.

This activity can be used as a starter or icebreaker activity to begin the lesson, or at the end to allow students to put what they have just learnt into practise.

How else can LifeSkills get students workplace ready?

Other lessons that may prove useful for students to build on these activities include the Communication and digital skills at work and Online reputation in the workplace lessons. Alternatively, consider encouraging them to check out our Job map or the Advice map to help them discover the career path for them. Why not build preparing for the future in as a focus in your students’ wider curriculum? Refer to our Content guide to find out how this resources can be used as part of your teaching.


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The career journey

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Let's talk careers: quick-fire activity


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