Building your career network

Building your career network Building your career network Building your career network Building your career network

This module aims to help learners proactively seek opportunities to network and increase their ability to source jobs that might not have seemed accessible otherwise.

At the end of the module learners will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge of how to search for jobs through own networks already in place
  • Increase confidence to find and secure employment by demonstrating enthusiasm and proactivity within your growing network
  • Improve their eligibility for employment

Learners will have the opportunity to prepare for and practice having conversations with people in their networks who can provide support, confidence and connections when they are looking for employment. They will be encouraged to develop skills such as aiming high (proactivity) and staying positive (resilience), and select places, people and events to improve access to jobs.

Looking for more ways your learners can expand their career network? Why not explore these tools from LinkedIn:

  1. Job search checklist

This checklist supports your learners to attract employers, grow their professional skills, and connect to new job opportunities through a standout LinkedIn profile.

  1. Rock your LinkedIn profile video

This tutorial will lead your students through how to create a LinkedIn profile that best represents them, with tips on choosing a profile photo, creating a custom headline, writing a personal summary, how to highlight work experience and more. You will need to sign into LinkedIn to access this free resource.