Managing your debt

Managing your debt Managing your debt Managing your debt Managing your debt

This module helps learners to identify bills they need to pay, looks at how we get into debt and how to prioritise repaying bills.

By the end of the module, learners will be able to:

  • Identify bills they may need to pay and when to pay them
  • Recognise the impact of poor money management (how we get into debt)
  • Prioritise repaying bills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of effective budgeting (linked to the Planning your personal budget module).

Virtual training session and top tips:

LifeSkills has partnered with education charity The Talent Foundry to deliver virtual training sessions that can be watched at home. The videos below provide an interactive virtual delivery of the managing your debt module to help your learners take control of their finances and debt. These are also available here for you to share directly with the adult learners you are supporting.

You or your learners may also find the following links useful to support conversations about budgeting.

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Step Change debt charity

National Debtline

Christians Against Poverty


Debt Advice Foundation