LifeSkills Award Terms and Young People

By submitting your application for the LifeSkills Award you confirm and agree to the following:

  • You have read the eligibility criteria for this award:
    • Your school or further education college (“FE college” hereafter) is in the UK (secondary school and FE college, collectively “Institution”)
    • You have at least three teachers from at least two different departments or subjects actively at your Institution participating in LifeSkills;
    • The teachers have downloaded and taught at least 10 different LifeSkills lessons in the last academic year
    • The LifeSkills resources downloaded include content for 11-14, 14-16 and 16-19 age categories where relevant
  • You have the requisite authority to make this application on behalf of your Institution
  • You and your Institution are validly registered for LifeSkills
  • Your Institution actively participates in the LifeSkills programme and strictly meets all the eligibility criteria for this award
  • You understand that the LifeSkills Award is valid for two (2) academic year from the date of receipt.   
  • You understand and agree Barclays and our third party administrator, Hopscotch Consulting Ltd, will only collect your name and your Institution name for the purposes of processing this application and verify whether your Institution meets the eligibility criteria for this award
  • You agree to receive any information about the LifeSkills programme including but not limited to the LifeSkills Award.

In the event that your Institution is successful and is awarded the LifeSkills School Award:

  • You understand that the LifeSkills Award is a certificate and a high resolution badge logo.
  • You understand that the LifeSkills Award is only to be displayed in your Institution premises and/or website.
  • You agree that the use of the LifeSkills Award by your Institution will be in accordance with Barclays brand guidelines.
  • You hereby grant Barclays a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, transferable and sub-licensable licence to use the name of your Institution for the purposes of promoting or in relation to this award and/or LifeSkills to your Institution’s local community. This includes but is not limited to press, direct mail and social media.
  • You agree to strict compliance with these terms and conditions and any further changes or updates to these terms and conditions made periodically.