What is online/virtual work experience?

Gaining insight into job roles is a valuable addition to any CV, and by experiencing the world of work first-hand, learners can begin to understand the skills they need to succeed. But when face-to-face work experience opportunities are not available or tricky to find, online and virtual work experience can be just as beneficial for understanding different organisations and industries.

How can I get online or virtual work experience?

There are many ways for learners and educators to access resources for online or virtual work experience.  Many businesses are also committed to helping boost employability by offering it this way.

Getting work experience and exploring different industries is a helpful way of recognising and practising the skills needed for the workplace. The next step is to demonstrate these skills and experiences as part of applying for jobs. Whether it’s building a CV, preparing for an interview or creating a LinkedIn profile that really shines, LifeSkills is a great place to start.

Try before you apply and get an insight into different roles and sectors from the comfort of your home with virtual work experience. When face-to-face work experience placements are not available or tricky to find, virtual and online work experience gives you a unique opportunity and insight into the workplace. To make the most of these opportunities, you’ll need to spend some time preparing and reflecting on what you have to offer; LifeSkills can help.

Gaining insight into the world of work and the types of roles available is valuable for learners of all ages, whether that’s virtually or through face-to-face programmes. These resources show you how to help your students prepare for and access virtual work experience. For resources and opportunities that they can explore themselves, check out the ‘For young people’ tab.

How else can you get workplace ready with LifeSkills?

Work experience is a valuable tool for getting a better understanding of a career, industry or organisation.  But what else can you do to get yourself or your learners ready for the workplace?

If you’re a young person, head over to the Young people hub to discover more about how the world of work is changing, as well as tips on preparing for and applying for jobs. Check out the CV builder, and see how to feel confident in your next interview.

If you are an educator supporting learners to build employability and financial skills, access our Educator hub which contains full-length lesson plans, modules, independent worksheets, online lesson films and interactive tools. From understanding the shifts in job sector demand to teaching the core transferable skills needed to succeed, the resources enable you to deliver flexible learning and provide an insight into the skills they need for their future.

If you’re an adult adapting to Changing worklife, our hub contains articles and advice on how to reflect on your own skills and stand out at work.