Building a positive online reputation

Building a positive online reputation Building a positive online reputation Building a positive online reputation Building a positive online reputation

How aware are your students of their digital footprint, and do they know how a positive online reputation can affect their future success? Using the activities on this page, support students to identify the positive and negative impacts of sharing information with people online. 

 Teaching resources:

  • Personal brand: Building a positive online reputation - Lesson plan and presentation slides – full lesson plan for use with a group of students in the classroom

Lesson plan

(45 - 60 minutes)

This lesson is designed to help students understand the significance of their digital footprint and how having a positive online reputation and managing your 'netiquette' is crucial to aiming high.

By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by online reputation
  • Identify ways information can be shared online with different people and the positive and negative impact this can have
  • Create posts that can help build a positive online reputation

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Explore this topic even further at BBC Teach and challenge your students to take the test assessing their social media presence. Here you will also find a film exploring why we take risks online, along with top tips.

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