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Innovation and idea generation

Help students think outside the box by applying creativity and enterprise skills.


Introduce and practise creative thinking skills that can help students stand out at school and at work.

Six ways to teach creativity & supercharge students’ future

Roisin Ellison from the RSA highlights six ways you can build creativity into your employability

How making a pizza got me a promotion

Creativity can bring a lot of value to the workplace – as these three inventive employees found out.

Introduction to the core transferable skills

Aiming to win the league this season? Explore the importance of aiming high and being proactive to reach your future goals.

Payments: past, present and future

Teach KS2 and P4-7 students about the history of money and various payment types with this interactive activity and lesson, use it in class or remotely.

SEND Enterprise skills and being creative lesson

This lesson is designed to help students with SEND/ALN understand what it means to be enterprising and creative, and how this can help them in a variety of workplace situations.

Discover the benefits of creative thinking

Creative thinking can solve a variety of challenges in many different situations – as these students found out.

Understanding creative thinking

Discover how coming up with fresh ideas and getting them to work for you can make a real difference in a job.

Understand core transferable skills original

Find out more about the core transferable skills young people need to be better prepared for the future workplace.

Virtual Work Experience: An educator’s experience

Read Lin’s story about how she used our interactive video tool to prepare her students for work experience.

Why you should get your students coding

ICT Director Matt Britland discusses the important skills learnt from coding and tips for delivering it in the classroom

Five steps to developing students’ mindsets for the future

Find support to help students develop the right mindset and kick start their career journey

I want to develop my mindset and skills for work

From problem solving and improving your efficiency to revealing your creativity and hidden strengths, discover the skills and qualities that will help set you up for success.

Supporting careers education in Wales

Find out how LifeSkills supports careers and skills strategies for educators in Wales, in alignment with the curriculum for Wales.

Samir's birthday budget challenge

Help KS2 and P4-7 students to develop their money skills and improve financial literacy with this free interactive challenge.

Practising workplace challenges

Challenge your students to complete projects similar to those set in the workplace.

Problem solving

Help students develop problem solving skills utilising a clear 6-step process adapted from computational thinking used for coding.

Steps to starting a business

Practise using enterprise skills to set up a business and apply a recommended approach to taking forward a business idea.

Discover skills used in finance jobs

Teach your students about the skills required in a variety of different finance roles, and how they apply more widely, with these short films.

Making the most of money

Teach KS2 and P4-7 students about making the most of their money with this interactive activity and lesson plan from LifeSkills, which can be used in class or remotely.

Being enterprising

This lesson highlights how a mix of skills, a positive mindset and perseverance can help pupils to be more enterprising.

Exploring careers and workplace skills

Explore careers with primary aged children and teach them about workplace skills with this free lesson plan from Barclays LifeSkills.

Putting enterprise skills into action

Develop enterprise skills through real life examples and practise putting skills into action by responding to real world briefs.

Personal brand: Building your professional identity lesson

Help young adults develop their skills for work and look at the importance of creating a positive impression through their personal brand.

Communicating digitally in the world of work

Help students understand the importance of email communication and how to adapt their digital communication dependant on the situation.

Communication and digital skills at work

Help students understand how to develop different digital communication styles for different situations at work.

Understand core transferable skills

Find out more about the core transferable skills young people need to be better prepared for the future workplace.

Skills knock-out quick-fire activity

A quick activity to help students understand what skills are needed for a wide range of jobs.

Green jobs animations (7-11)

Help your pupils understand more about green jobs with our short animation featuring the core transferrable skills needed to succeed

Green jobs animations (11-16)

Help your students understand more about green jobs and the green skills needed to succeed with our short animation

Transferable skills activity

Teach your students about the importance of core transferable skills in the workplace with this short film.

Adapting CVs and writing impressive cover letters

Support your child to know how tweaking their CV and writing cover letters for specific roles can help them be successful.

Preparing for interview success

Interviews can be a stressful experience for anyone. Help your young adult feel prepared and go to interviews with confidence with these resources.

Supporting careers education in Northern Ireland

Find out how LifeSkills supports careers and skills strategies for educators in NI, in alignment with the NI curriculum.

Taking on new challenges

Find out how building self-confidence can help your child see challenges as opportunities. Includes worksheet.

Top careers of the future

It's important to consider how technology has and is continuing to change the world of work when preparing for your career. Take a look at our guide outlining careers of the future to see how your skills can transfer across.

How hidden skills can boost your career

Discovering your innate talents and getting them to work for you can make a real difference to any role.

Listening and problem solving skills can be essential in the workplace

See how these skills can be vital in different work place situations and how you can master them and develop other key skills with LifeSkills

Know your skills

Make yourself aware of the skills you possess by looking at how you already use them to overcome life’s little challenges

Putting creative thinking into action

Feeling inspired? Follow these five tips to help you come up with great ideas

Transferable skills examples

Learn about transferable skills, what they are and how they can help in life and at work. Watch our film to find out more.

Tailoring your CV

Improve job application success by tailoring your CV to the job. Find out how to do this effectively with our top tips.